Consignment section / Our used sneakers. 



Each consignor will be asked to sign a 90 day Consignment Contract. The general terms are as follows:

% of sale price to: Cleankickz and to the consignor

1-30 days 60% to consignor.

40% to Cleankickz

31-60 days 50% to consignor.

50% to Cleankickz

61-90 days 40% to consignor.

60% to Cleankickz

Consignor pays shipping, if your item doesn't sell it will be shipped within 24-48 hours after request.

ITEM CHARGE:  There is a $1.00 item charge on all items. The item charge is an administrative fee for time spent pricing, cleaning, displaying, etc. The fee is automatically deducted from the consignor split when an item is sold.


All items must be CLEAN, in good condition, currently in style and in demand. Any items that are missing parts, chipped, cracked or broken will not be accepted. We may not be able to accept items that have been housed in a smoking or pet environment.  We reserve the right to refuse any item due to condition, current inventory levels or past experience.
Pricing – We determine the retail price on all consigned merchandise. It is in everyone’s interest for items to be priced at a fair market value that would allow them to realistically sell within the first 30 days of the consignment period. We will do markdowns as we deem appropriate.  Our guidelines are to reduce the price by 5%-10% after each 30 day interval.
Please email a digital photo to for our review.
Many things do not reveal themselves in a photo. We must “physically” see the item in order to arrive at an accurate price. Upon inspection, we look at several factors to determine the retail price: general condition, construction, age, patina, repairs, manufacturer, general consumer demand, etc.

As for local meet ups for consignment the following contract will be in physical form for you to sign and agree. When your 90 day consignment period is up, your belongings will be released once requested. You have 10 days affter your 90 day consignment contract is complete. Please pick up your belongings as soon as possible or arrange for shipment. Failure to do so within the 100 (90+10) day term will result in your contract termination and your belongings become property of Cleankickz.